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Seattle, WA.


Razor Clam Fritters

Razor Clam Fritters


Download (PDF, 224KB)

Download (PDF, 198KB)

First, how to clean and prepare your razor clams (2 limits, 30 clams):

In a large stock pot boil a few gallons of water, pour half into a large bowl. Place your clams, about 5 at a time in the hot water. The clams will open in about 30 seconds. Remove immediately and place into cold ice water (I use tongs), repeat steps again. Once water cools down after the first 15 or so pour the warm water out and replenish with more hot water.


Remove clams from their shells and follow the step below with the scissors.


Remove the clams stomach as pictured



Then using the scissors butterfly the stomach and clean the inside out. Now I reserve all of the stomachs and use for my razor clam chowder.


Finished product

finished product

Three step breading process as pictured below.


Finished breading process


In the skillet frying for just long enough to brown each side (1 to 2 minutes)


Ready to eat!


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