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Seattle, WA.


Event Guide


Event Guide


Seattles Best


We strive to make planning an event with Seattle’s Best Catering as comfortable and effortless for you as possible, which is why our how-to-plan guide walks you through each step it takes to carry out a tastefully exquisite event.

Interested clients often contact Seattle’s Best Catering for more information on our food and services. We frequently communicate through phone or email.

After initial contact, Seattle’s Best Catering will inquire what you, the client, have in mind for the event you are planning. Such details as who will be in attendance, your personal or professional profile, and your budget for the event will provide us with insights as to how we can best concert a divine event that will bewitch the minds and appetites of you and your guests.

Following our initial inquiries, we involve our Executive Chef to help discuss delicious seasonal, sustainable options during our menu creation period. Once the final menu selections are made, Seattle’s Best Catering will send a proposal to you for approval.

Because we offer other arrangements, we will coordinate with you on additional needs, such as flowers, decorations and rentals. Also within our realm of capabilities, Seattle’s Best Catering can suggest music performers and other forms of entertainment to pique the interest of guests of all manners.

Prior to the event, Seattle’s Best Catering will communicate with you to confirm your final guest count and to address any pending questions you may have for us.

Our job is to meet and exceed your event expectations. If that happens to include more phone calls, emails, questions and/or visits, we will do what must be done to please you and your guests.